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Michael Donner Priorites


Fire Prevention:

Continue to support our collective vision of a safer fire district by enhancing a robust fire prevention program through:

• Fire Inspection
• Code Enforcement
• Evacuation Plan
• Outreach
• Education
• Home Hardening
• Defensible Space
• Firewise USA Communities
• Grants

Service Restoration:

• Restore staffing at station 45 in Orinda with a designated ambulance crew
• In 2013 the Board voted to decrease staffing
• Firefighters now cross-staff an ambulance and a fire engine in downtown Orinda
• Complex issue that I am currently studying as an MOFD board member
• I will make sound decisions for a safe and fiscally responsible staffing model

Fiscal Stability:

• Continue to manage the MOFD finances with fiscal responsibility
• MOFD has an excellent financial standing after four hard years of work
• The pension liabilities are 90% funded and the pension obligation fund has increased from several hundred thousand dollars to over 6.5 million dollars
• The OPEB fund has increased from $80,000 in 2018 to over 2.5 million dollars
• Reserve funds have grown from 17% to approximately 48% of the annual operating budget
• The MOFD is well positioned to maintain normal staffing without decreasing service should an economic downturn occur

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